Galaxy Documentation Directory

Current Version: System Galaxy v11.7.0  ( JAN 2021 )
635-series Flash: v11.0.7 

Galaxy Documentation Directory is the official library of technical manuals for System Galaxy hardware and software. This page includes Galaxy integration guides for 3rd-Party Solutions (such as badging, biometrics, wireless readers, etc.).  

All manuals are in PDF format and will open up in a new browser tab.

NOTE: This page includes Galaxy How-to Procedures in PDF format (or look in Procedures menu for the online topic format).


This page offers two ways to find Galaxy manuals:


Manuals A to Z

Click on alphabet headings to show/hide the guides under each segment of the index.

To find manuals by subject, go to > Manuals by Subject  below.

[The approximate file size is shown to help decide whether to download the guide onto your device.)




Manuals by Subject

Click on the accordion headings (show/hide) to see the available PDF Guides under a specific category.

To find manuals listed alphabetically, go to Manuals A to Z above.

System Galaxy Manuals and Guides

This section lists the user guides for SG Software (features, importing, enrollment, schedules, operator commands, etc), as well as system guides for network and system specifications, services, active directory, server redundancy, VM requirements, etc.

Elevator Systems - Integrated

Video Surveillance Systems

Mobile App Guides

Hardware Install Manuals

Wireless Readers

Biometric Systems

Alarm Panels



Page Updated: JAN-22-2021